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Polycore-Non-MetallicTwist-Tie-Materials Tach-It Polycore Non-Metallic Twist Tie Ribbon is the only industry proven twist tie ribbon that can pass through metal detection without alarm and can be used in microwaves or autoclave equipment. This unique twist tie material is 5/32 inch wide and comes in a variety of colors and spool sizes based on the equipment being used. Tach-It Polycore can be used on our Model #3567, 3570 and many of the fully automated twist tie machines in the market today.  

Twist Tie Machine 3567


Standard Twist Tie Ribbon 01-1500-White


Standard Twist Tie Ribbon 03-2500-Red


Standard Twist Tie Ribbon 03-230-Black


Decorative Twist Tie Ribbon 204000-Gold


Industrial Twist Tie Ribbon 35-2000


Polycore Twist Tie Ribbons 172000-White



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